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花藝產品 | 香薰蠟燭 | 訂製禮物

  • Operating Hours
    Monday to Friday: 9:00AM-6:00PM Online Customer Servicing Hours: 9:00AM-8:00PM
  • Can I change/cancel my order after placing it?
    ⚠️After all orders are placed, if the customer wants to cancel the order, a cancellation fee of $100 will be charged. - - *Changing order information policy: On the day of the order: You can change the order information for free. Two days after/One day before delivery: Sorry, all order contents cannot be changed as the product and logistics have been arranged.
  • What's the lifetime of Preserved Flowers?
    Since preserved flowers and dried flowers are processed, they can be stored for 1-2 years if stored properly. (1) Do not place preserved flowers and dried flowers in damp places, (2) Do not water (3) Natural flowers are very fragile, please do not touch them frequently (4) Avoid bumping or squeezing the flowers, so as not to cause deformation of the flower material, falling off or breaking of the petals. (5) Please keep in a cool place (6) Avoid direct sunlight and spotlights, so as not to cause the flowers to become fragile and fade.
  • What is the difference between preserved and dried flowers?
    Preserved flowers are specially processed to last longer than fresh flowers. Treated with a special technique, preserved flowers retain a similar appearance like fresh flowers and look just like real flowers. Dried flowers are naturally dried, which are not as tender as preserved flowers, and can be stored for about a year.
  • What's the lifespan of fresh flowers?
    The lifespan of Fresh Flowers will be in 3-4days.
  • Delivery time
    Under normal circumstances, we will ship the product in 5-7 working days. 😘 If there is a special order request, the delivery time will be delayed. We will contact you via WhatsApp for the detailed delivery time. ❣️


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